Another day of love
But this time it is different!
No flowers or letters
Just hearts under the sweaters.

There are only 24 hours a year 
Where love sticks to the walls.
It is better to charge the phone battery
Because now there will only be calls.

All the air smells like roses
All roses smell like plastic
Declarations of love everywhere
This year no need to be so drastic!

Hug only through words
Kiss only through sound
On Valentine’s Day we won’t touch each other, 
Because the virus is around…

                                                                                            Inês Ribeiro Alves, 10.º B

To always step by your side

Roses are red,
Oceans are blue.
I know the lyrics are wrong
But this one’s specially for you.

Your fragrance drives me crazy 
As well as your smile.
I want to be your eternal company,
To always step by your side. 

I love you to the moon and back
And I dream about our frames on the rack.
Every second I spend without touching your hair, 
Feels like the world’s really unfair.

If I ever find you in middle of the sea,
I’ll swim until my body fails.
And I’ll show your “mini-me’s”
Our cutest pictures. 

I’m not very good with words
So I’m trying my very best…
I hope you see this next to me
With your head laying on my chest.

                                                                                              Alexandre Caetano, 10.º F
Lonely Valentine

On a day like this one
It´s okay to be alone
You don´t need to find a lover
Because the day is almost over

Life isn´t always a fairy tale
Because happiness and love aren´t for sale
But please don´t get sad
Trust me, being on your own is not that bad

Love can appear in many ways
That´s what everyone says
But if princess Tiana kissed so many frogs
Who says your love can´t be your dogs?

                                                                             Rita Fernandes, 10.º B