Durante o mês de fevereiro, foi dinamizada a quarta edição do Concurso de Poesia de S. Valentim, destinado a todos os alunos do ensino secundário.

Este evento tem como objetivos comemorar o dia de S. Valentim, estimular a criatividade e consolidar hábitos de escrita em língua inglesa.

Dos trabalhos de poesia apresentados, foram selecionados três, tendo sido atribuído o 1.º prémio ao poema de Daniel Silva, do 12.º C, o 2.º prémio ao poema de Fábio Ferreira, do 11.º B, e o 3.º prémio ao poema de Rita Silva, do 11.º D.

Parabéns a todos os participantes!

Arminda Areal e Isaura Marques


Poemas Vencedores


The Everlasting Treasure


I am a lonely captain

Of a haunted ship.

With no fate,

And nothing left worth

To lit my cannons for.


Until, in the foggy distance

I saw a dreamful treasure,

But a treacherous ocean

Keeping us apart.


Full sais ahead, through giant waves,

Strong and imposing currents, deceiving fog

And wind so fast that sliced skin like knives.


But I broke through, found a way.

A treasure way more precious than gold,

The One that lifted the curse.

And now I shall never sail these treacherous seas alone

For now I don’t sail alone.


Daniel Silva, 12.º C



Some days I spend all night thinking about you,

I feel restless.

Other days I feel like I can’t express what I feel for you,

I feel helpless.

I realized why I felt so shy to even greet you with a simple hi,

My love for you had made me breathless.


Every night I would try and muster up some courage

To finally tell you the truth, to really try,

Asked my friends what to do and get encouraged,

But all these what-ifs break me down and make me cry.


I couldn’t write all the reasons why you were the one I fell for,

I’d be writing a dictionary of compliments and you’d get bored,

To me you’re just so perfect, so elegant, so eloquent,

I have trouble believing you’re real, you’re heaven-sent.


                                                                                                                       Fábio Ferreira, 11.º B





I was wandering

And I was alone

I was drifting

With nowhere to go


You came to me

Like a midnight summer breeze

So fresh, so clean

So warm and so pristine


No one can make me feel

The colors that you bring

You taught me how to love

And held me under your wing


Now I can breathe

Now I can trust

You gave me purpose

And put me above


                                                                                                                               Rita Silva, 11.º D



Foto S. Valentim