Ma vie

My life was always charred,

Everything’s always fallen apart,

Living in solitude like I have been barred,

How hurt I was with a simple broken heart.


Then you came along to brighten my day,

You made me feel special in every way,

And for all it’s worth today

I’m glad you never went away.


Taking a look in the pitch black sky,

A constellation formed in the shape of your eyes,

The beautiful gaze that had taught me right,

I had already known it was true love at first sight.


But I know you’ll leave and my heart will break,

It’ll shatter away, desintegrate,

Like grains of sand phasing through a hand,

But I guess that’s just fate.


                                       Fábio Josue Ferreira, 10.º B



Suffer for love

Love is like a flower

Each petal is a problem

The stem is the support that keeps us alive

Each petal falls

It’s less a hope alive

The past are burnt leaves

The future are leaves to be burned

In the end there will be nothing left but the field

Waiting for new flowers

To create new fires

A storm is approaching

But it’s a different storm

It’s not a fire

It doesn´t shine

I’ve never seen something so dark

It’s the final storm

And it’s ready to destroy everything

Ready to finish this once and for all…


                                                                                                         João Marques, 10.º G


Starry night (Stay)


Sitting alone, I look at the dark blue sky,

All the stars are singing,

They remind me of your soft voice.


The pure black of the night is our comfort,

The blanket of a generous velvet that keeps us safe.

I just want to hold your hands.


We are like flowers,

We bloom until it gets cold.

I hear the ocean crying just for us.

So let’s run, let’s shine freely.


I’m scared, as my heart flutters.

I’m just as scared as you.

The stars are floating,

This isn´t a dream.

Let’s hold our hands, don’t tremble.


Hold me as if I might burst,

I want us to be one,

I don’t want to let you go.


Let’s intertwine our pinkies

Promise me

You won’t leave me like a butterfly…

I’m not asking for much.

Just let me run with you,

Just stay with me.


Because you love me,

And I love you.


                                                  Beatriz Amaral, 12.º C