Durante o mês de fevereiro, foi dinamizada a segunda edição do Concurso de Poesia de S. Valentim destinada a todos os alunos do ensino secundário.

Este evento tem como objetivos comemorar o Dia de S. Valentim e consolidar hábitos de escrita em língua inglesa.

Dos trabalhos de poesia apresentados, foram selecionados três, tendo sido atribuído o 1.º prémio ao poema de Margarida Azevedo, do 11.º B, o 2.º prémio ao poema de Raquel Serdoura, do 11.º D, e o 3.º prémio foi atribuído ao poema da aluna Diana Maia, do 12.º C. Parabéns a todos pela participação.

Arminda Areal e Isaura Marques


Poemas Vencedores



You are the muse that inspired me

Composing this melody.

You will always be my only glee

And I will always love you endlessly.


You are such a precious flower to me

That I will protect with a lot of care.

And your smile is the key

To save me from my nightmare.


I always want to look at your eyes

To see how they sparkle

To see if they don’t tell lies

When you say everything is fine.


Tell me you will always be mine,

Tell me you will always hold my hand,

Tell me you want to write together

Our own storyline.


I love when I’m teased by you

Always giving me that little grins;

I always lose and you always win.


“Hey, stay here” I want you by my side

Please, hug me and don’t let me go

My love, be my guide

Show me the way to your never explored spots.


I’m sorry if I’m moving too fast

But when I’m next to you

It’s impossible to control these feelings.

Tell me you will just look at me,

Tell me you will just love me,

Tell me you will always stay with me.


Margarida Azevedo, 11.º B




What is love, if not the sound of your name?

What is love, if not the way you smile at me?

What is love, if not the way you hold my hand?


The beat of your heart is like a lullaby, to which I could

Fall asleep everynight


“Love” doesn’t seem enough to describe how I feel about


But I guess for now it will do


I’m a teenager in love

And I’m crazy about you

Only my heart knows

How much I love you

   Raquel Serdoura, 11.º D 


My Valentine


My Valentine could and can be so much

It can be that person I went by on the hallway

It can be the one who stood out from the pack


But my Valentine could be you

Yes, you


My Valentine could be you, my beloved mom

Who held me through cries and whines

And that was always with me

At all times


My Valentine could be you, my dear friend

Who I’ve told my deepest sadness

And heard me through screams

Even though you’re also a mess


I’m surrounded by “Valentines”

I’m surrounded by love

Because today is not about “making out”

Today is about what makes the world move

Today is about you and me

And him

And her

And those people over there


Let’s hug each other

Let’s hold hands

Let’s tell some dad jokes

And forget about “Valentine’s day” plans


Diana Maia, 12.º C