No intuito de comemorar o dia de S. Valentim e consolidar hábitos de escrita em língua inglesa, a Área Disciplinar de Inglês da Escola Básica e Secundária D. Dinis dinamizou um Concurso de Poesia destinado a todos os alunos do Ensino Secundário.

Dos trabalhos de poesia apresentados, foram selecionados três, tendo sido atribuído o 1.º prémio ao poema de Hugo Fernandes, do 11.º B, o 2.º prémio ao poema de Mariana Valente, também do 11.º B, e o 3.º prémio foi atribuído ao poema da aluna Bárbara Pereira, do 11.º D. Parabéns a todos pela participação.

Arminda Areal e Isaura Marques


Poemas Vencedores


I would be able to run

All the world just for you,

Faster than a bullet of a gun

Because I’ve always loved you.


I would build a castle

And ask you to rule it with me,

And if it were your wish, I would enter the most arduous battle

Because that is what you wanted it to be.


I would buy a car

And take you into long trips.

Then, I would grab your hand and wait for the night

To see the starry sky and look for the biggest star.

Because love is like an endless fight

Where my dark side is ripped in small strips


Hugo Fernandes, 11.º B


Terrible Love


I feel like an eagle flying when I´m next to you.

When I’m in your arms you’re my light guide.

I want to feel you, I want to take care of you.

I want to drown my deepest fears in the best part of you.

All you never said is that you love me…

But maybe in time you’ll want to be mine

I want to run away from this terrible love but there is no possible escape when my eyes only come to you.

What if the world ends up today?

What if there’s no sky for tomorrow or yesterday?

Anyway, if you were a wild tree I would run in the darkest woods.

That’s why… I’ll be forever your hero


Mariana Valente, 11.º B


I saw you

And I hate you

I met you

And I loved you

We were happy

A fairytale was beginning

And we were children believing in that

We were playing with all the feelings

Pretending we would live it forever

But the summer passed by

And our love too

Now I’m living a tale

Without fairies, without you

My heart is broken

With all the lies and mistakes

All the things we never said

Can we go to the start?

Or can we go to the end?

Can we be like friends?

Or can we just pretend we don’t care?

Now all the cute things are gone

And I know I’ll make it thought

Not today, not tomorrow

Maybe not next week

But one day it’ll happen

And everything will begin once more


Bárbara Pereira, 11.º D